Will Charlie Crist answer these two simple questions?

Former Republican Governor, turned Independent, turned Democrat, Charlie Crist , has chimed in on the ongoing healthcare debate in Tallahassee, Florida. Crist stated on his Facebook fan page that if he was Governor, he and the legislature would cut into his tanning time and work until a compromised was hammered out.

Crist’s rant is in response to Senator Joe Negron’s healthcare bill that would accept more than $50 billion of those pesky federal dollars and “offer coverage to more than 1 million Floridians” under Obamacare.

As we wrote yesterday, according to the AP,private insurance.” House Speaker Will Weatherford and his fellowrepresentatives are standing their ground, and are not willing to accept anydollars that are tied to Obamacare.”

We added that “Staterepresentatives have passed a law that would use $237 million “in state funds”to give 115,000 Floridians healthcare. Either way you slice it, whether itsfederal or state funded healthcare, its still government assistance.

Here is Crist’s Facebookrant:

Republican Charlie Crist,I mean Independent, ahhhh! Darn it! I mean, Democrat Charlie Crist seems toforget that during his only term as Governor, he was more  focused on being Vice President, and then when he decided to run for the U.S.Senate, he was too busy appeasing Democrats and flip-flopping on just aboutevery issue he ever stood on.

So how credible isCrist’s statement, considering his principle lacking track record?

In reality, we don’t know what theever-evolving Charlie Crist would have really done with this healthcare issue, wereit have happened during his term as Governor?

I think if Charlie is soconcerned about Floridians, then maybe he should answer Speaker WillWeatherford’s questions.

If he wants to be Governor so bad again,if he wants to come back to the state of Florida, and lead our state, why didhe leave us when we had a 12% unemployment rate, and the state of Florida washaving its hardest times? Weatherford continued,” Florida really needed aleader and stick up for them, why did he chose to leave?

I don’t know how he is going to answer it. –Rep.Will Weatherford (Shark Tank Video)

These are pretty simpleand straightforward questions. What say you, Charlie?