Suddenly Benghazi No Longer ‘Fox-Induced Hysteria’?

Where do we go to get our reputations back?

A review of the hyperpoliticized reactions of the left to criticism of and well-founded questions about Benghazi on the right demonstrates, once again, that They accuse us of Their Own sins.

They were the hyperpartisan cheerleaders incapable of separating themselves from political wishcasting in order to look into the truth. So of course that’s precisely what they accused us of doing.

The emergence of a number of whistleblowers who have come forward to refute the claims made by some members of President Barack Obama’s administration relating to the September 11, 2012, attack on an American consulate in Benghazi does not directly implicate the White House in a cover-up.

They do, however, demolish the politically-motivated allegations by a slew of commentators on the left who asserted that those reporters doggedly investigating the American response to the attack were onto something. Those left-of-center commentators who dismissed the investigation into the Benghazi attack as a right-wing delusion animated by a personal hatred of the president have never looked more vacuous.

Make no mistake, the narrative that clears the Obama administration from culpability in the failure to save American lives in Benghazi is collapsing.Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, as the saying goes. Those on the right who would leap to the worst conclusions about the White House’s complacency in the attack on the Benghazi consulate cannot yet point to a smoking gun to support those claims.

However, the kneejerk instincts of left-leaning partisans to impart malicious motives to those alleging a cover-up of the details of the Benghazi attack are now grasping at straws. Their politically-motivated objective — the destruction of the credibility of Obama’s opponents in an election year – has been laid bare.

So as not to steal, I’ve omitted the whole middle of the piece, which quotes the left (and the media) chapter-and-verse dismissing the Benghazi matter as so obviously a rightwing confabulation. So click there if you want the evidence supporting the premise and conclusion.


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