Sessions: Gang Of Eight Sticking Together To Defeat Improvements To Their Bill (Video)

On the first day of voting on the comprehensive Senate immigration bill, Democrats defeated an amendment  by 12 votes to 6,  that would have frozen the conditional legalization process until the White House actually completed construction of a two-layer fence all along the border. Public support for building a fence is high, but the majority bloc argued that the Grassley amendment would not have increased security, but would have stopped the legalization.

The amendment “would basically delay probably forever legalization and bringing people out of the shadows,” Schumer claimed.
disappointed Senator Sessions begged to differ, “Whatever really works never gets passed. It’s only things that partially work or don’t work that we pass, around here.”

He also said, “Senator Cornyn offered a very significant and positive amendment that is responsible that I would have hoped would have had strong support and been accepted. But, the Gang stuck together as we have been told they would on anything that’s significantly impacting their legislation, that they drafted, with their friends.”