DC Considers Mandatory $250K Insurance for Gun Owners

DC Considers Mandatory $250K Insurance for Gun Owners

Two members of the DC City Council support a mandate forcing gun owners to carry  $250K liability insurance policy. 

Name and shame: “Councilmembers Vincent Orange and Mary Cheh said after a hearing Thursday that any bill they pursue would likely be narrower than Cheh’s initial proposal, which includes a requirement that gun owners insure themselves against intentional as well as accidental shootings”

The idea here is that “insurance can help reduce gun violence by encouraging responsible gun ownership.” 

However, “insurance-industry representatives argued Thursday that there is no market for such coverage, noting that many accidental shootings are covered by homeowners’ policies.

Only 2,000 people have legally (“legally” being the operative word here) purchased firearms since 2008 when the Supreme Court smacked down DC’s hadngun ban. 

Obviously, this is just another backdoor form of gun control designed to put burdensome and useless requirements on citizens to dissuade them from purchasing a gun. 

(H/T Weasel Zippers)