British Prison Guard Brutally Attacked By Islamist Inmates

A British prison guard almost faced the same fate as a soldier in London who was beheaded, when Parviz Khan, an inmate serving life for serving life for plotting to behead a Muslim member of the Army – and thought to be the inspiration for last week’s horrific slaughter,  allegedly recruited two other Muslim inmates to beat up a prison guard. According to the UK’s Daily Mirror

The terrified officer, in his 30s, was finally freed by a specialist riot squad who stormed the room where he was held for five hours and beaten mercilessly by the extremists, who told him he would die.

And the vicious assault was sparked by a simple call from a prison imam to pray for drummer Lee who was butchered in the street last week near his barracks in Woolwich, South East London.

Khan flew into a rage at the request, insisting the 25-year-old’s murder was justified.

Recruiting two fellow Muslims, an African-born fanatic and a British convert, they kidnapped the guard on Sunday and bundled him into a cleaning room at Full Sutton jail near York.

Once inside, he was battered senseless with mop handles. The yobs threatened to pour caustic toilet cleaner into his eyes.

A prison source said last night: “The fear was that the gang had somehow got hold of knives from the prison kitchen and they would attempt to behead him.

According to The Mirror the guard was covered with blood and bruises and was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The detention facility known at Full Sutton holds dozens of terrorists. Although staff at Full Sutton cautioned upper management about Kahn, reports the Mirror, their concerns went unheeded. 

“The bosses were too worried about causing offence among terrorists to do their job properly,” said one source, adding,”And as a result, we are very lucky not to be dealing with the death of a prison officer.”