Colorado Gun Contol Advocates Face Recalls

Democrat State lawmakers in Colorado are facing recall bids as fall out from their support in the legislature of gun control legislation.  So far, Senate President John Morse and three other Democrats are in the crosshairs, so to speak.

The recall strategy here is sound. The targets were not necessarily the most vocal supporters of gun control, but they do represent districts where the electoral calculus is in the GOP’s favor, “all come from districts with enough Republicans to give opponents hope they can boot out the Democrats and replace them with lawmakers friendlier to guns.”

The recall efforts were funded by a contribution from a non-profit run by consultant Laura Carno, who received financial support from out of state. “People in other states that are further down this road, like New York and Massachusetts, are calling up and saying `What can we do to help?'” Carno said. “This isn’t what Colorado stands for.”