FLASHBACK — Rubio: 'Myth' Immigration Bill over 1000 Pages

In a press release entitled “MYTH vs. FACT: A Cautionary Tale Of How Immigration Myths Don’t Pan Out,” Marco Rubio labeled it a “myth” that proposed immigration reform legislation would exceed 1,000 pages in length. Today, Breitbart News has learned the current version of the bill totals 1,076 pages. 

In the press release, dated April 13, 2013, Rubio listed this link among a half-dozen “myths” about the lengthof the Senate bill:

“[T]he bill, which reportedly includes more than 1,000 pages.” (Neil Munro, “Immigration bill to be released day before hearing,” Daily Caller, 4/12/13)

At the time of the press release, Rubio was correct. But not any longer…


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