Astroturfing In The Age Of Obama

In response to PA Democrat Anonymously Attacks Fracking Supporters Online:

That is gut-wrenching stuff and not at all surprising in the deplorable culture of corruption we now live under. 

Those of you who didn’t take the time to watch the video really should. Watch grandmother Janice Gibbs’ eyes well up with tears when she finds out the true identity of the vicious, left-wing, anti-fracking troll who has been tormenting her on the internet using various sock-puppets. It turned out to be State Rep. Jesse White, a Democrat who as Gibbs ruefully noted, “is supposed to represent all of us.”

It’s called “astroturfing” (fake grass roots) and it has many adherents on the left.  David Axelrod, Obama’s former senior advisor is considered to be the father of it. 

We saw the technique used during the ’08 presidential campaign, and we continue to see it in letter writing campaigns and call in radio talk show campaigns.

Remember “Ellie Light” a few years ago? 

She published the very same pro-Obama letter in 65 publications — including 31 states, and the District of Columbia. It also appeared in 3 national publications and a Yahoo link — and in 2 foreign publications, including a publication in Bangkok, Thailand.

Michelle Malkin took to calling the Obama regime the “Astroturf Presidency”. 

The bogus letters are just the latest example of Obama theater — doctors in costumes, town hall stage props, trumped-up Obamacare anecdotes, kiddie proxies, etc., etc., etc.

As often as these lefties get caught, one wonders how often they get away with their bogus astroturfing.


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