School's Health Insurance To Cover Students' Sex Changes

The left has figured out that health insurance is a stealth method to allow them to redistribute wealth. That is what ObamaCare is really all about. Under the Affordable Care Act, everyone is forced to buy Cadillac health insurance plans, even the young and healthy who do not need them, in order to pay for everyone else’s Cadillac health insurance plan.

This scam is not stopping at the national level. Now everyone who purchases health insurance from the University of Illinois in Chicago is going to pay for elective sex change operations:

Students at UIC covered by the school’s health insurance will have an added benefit come the fall: sex change surgery.

Two students crusaded for the change in policy. CBS 2′s Chris Martinez introduces us to one of them.

For Mari Medellin, it’s something of a legacy.

“Three years in the making,” said Medellin.

That’s how long Mari spent fighting for change at UIC

Two students demand it, and now everyone has to pay for it. Moreover, you have the media here (CBS), calling this an “added benefit.”

Brilliant con the left and media have going here.


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