There’s a Genuine Chance that Erdogan’s Islamist Government May Fall

The popular uprising against Erdogan’s government seems genuine and growing.

Armored police — often called “Robocops” — have killed three and knocked the eyes out of six people so far with rubber bullets. And they’re liberal with use of tear gas.

This video shows you how serious the protests have become — and how serious the government force against them has become, too:

The Turkish media has behaved cravenly, not reporting on any of this. CNN Turkey really covered itself with glory by running cooking shows and penguin documentaries (!!!) during these intense protests.

Because of the press’ cowardice, some protesters have a message for the media, too, and it’s not (CONTENT WARNING) “Moar Penguins.”

And what’s the military going to do about this?

Germany’s Der Spiegel says Erdogan’s position is rapidly weakening.

And, of course, we’ll wind up being blamed, whatever happens:

Turkey is now being advertised internationally and domestically as a beacon of “freedom and democracy.” There’s a widespread perception among Turks that the government has cut a deal: in exchange for being a “Muslim role model” to vastly-more-screwed-up Muslim countries, it has been given a free pass by the West to do as it pleases at home. After all, Westerners who once fussed about Turkey’s rights and liberties – and who did so constantly when Turkey was under military rule – are largely silent about what this government has been doing since it came to power. This perception is pushing ordinary Turks, who know full well the government’s faults, toward a nasty anti-Western nationalism.