Watch what Democrats do in the IRS scandal, not what they say

In response to IRS Scandal: Democrats Blitz and Get Burned:

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.  The IRS scandal was supposedly the work of a few berserk low-level gremlins in the bowels of the Tax Exempt Division, who spontaneously took it upon themselves to go after these rascally Tea Party, patriot, pro-life, pro-Israel, etc. groups, which were coincidentally turbulent to King Henry II… er, excuse me, King Barack I.  It was a spot of terrible “customer service,” as Acting Commissioner Steve Miller put it.

Liberals are confident the King will vent his wrath upon these miscreants any day now.  He runs a tight, transparent ship, you know.  “I agree, this should be investigated, but you know who should lead the investigation?  President Obama,” sighed Bob Woodward of Watergate fame wistfully.  

That would be the same President Obama who falsely claimed to have sacked Miller in a half-hearted effort to deflect a bit of the heat when the scandal broke.  In truth, Miller’s temporary appointment ended on schedule.  Obama has not displayed the first sign of anger over the scandal, or taken the first step toward responsibility.  No one has been reprimanded, although one key figure, Lois Lerner, was put on paid leave.  Several of the officials involved have been promoted.  One of them is going to be in charge of ObamaCare enforcement.

Obama could be calling for resignations or angrily demanding answers.  He could at least go on the record as insisting the IRS cooperate fully with investigators, since officials flatly refused to answer some of the Treasury Inspector General’s questions.  But he hasn’t said a word along these lines.  He was quick to dispatch his political operatives to smear the House Oversight chairman with stories from the 1970s, however.

Today the people targeted by the IRS stepped forward to tell their stories… and the entire Democrat Party flew into a berserk rage, sending forth slimy characters like Baghdad Jim McDermott – last seen passing around illegal wiretaps of Newt Gingrich – to say those saucy Tea Party tarts asked for it, what with their tight skirts of liberty and plunging necklines of free speech.  Democrats made fools of themselves claiming lefty groups got the same treatment, without the slightest bit of evidence or a single word of corroborating testimony.  

And hey, did you know IRS honcho Doug Shulman was a Bush appointee?  Never mind that he’s a lifelong Democrat donor and his wife is a raving liberal moonbat who suddenly went silent on social media at the exact moment her husband’s agency declared war on the Tea Party groups she hates.  Bush appointed him, so there!

Is any of this behavior from Obama or his Party consistent in the slightest with a couple of renegades running amok at Internal Revenue?  No, they’re acting like the scandal is an existential threat to the Democrat Party, not a career-killer for a handful of employees and the odd supervisor.  They can’t even bring themselves to say what the IRS did was entirely wrong, even though the whole affair began with IRS officials apologizing for it and admitting it was improper.  The Democrat Party clearly doesn’t think it was wrong.  They’re not contrite; they’re angry they got caught.

All of which suggests they know there are a few shoes left to drop, and they’re scared to death of where the trail will ultimately lead.  Nobody runs a blitz like this when they’re comfortably ahead, and only a few seconds remain on the clock.