Turkey’s Protesters Hold Concert in Gezi Park, Center of Uprising

Pretty good PR.


In the video I posted yesterday, there was an older man, fifty-five or so, dressed in gray slacks with a blue collared shirt, short sleeves. I imagine he was a shopkeeper– neatly dressed, but not fashionably.

He was yelling at the police.

I’m not a cultural psychologist, but just guessing, shopkeepers would tend, as a group, to dislike civil disorder, right? You’d naturally expect them to oppose the protesters, simply because they were screwing up his walk-in trade.

But he yelling at the police. “This isn’t right! This is not okay!” he yelled at them.

I’m wondering if this broad class of people, shopkeepers, is a Leading Indicator of overthrow. That is: When you’ve lost the shopkeepers…