Lifestyle Radio Show Hosts Commit Suicide

A Brooklyn couple who were the hosts of the WBAI radio show “The Pursuit of Happiness” committed suicide by putting plastic bags over their head and breathing in helium. 

Lynne Rosen and John Littig were found dead in Park Slope yesterday in their Park Slope apartment, each left a note behind. 

Rosen, 46, was a psychotherapist. Littig, 48, was a motivational speaker and a musician. And for an hour every month, they took to the airwaves and doled out advice on how to be your best self.

Littig described herself on her website as a “motivational speaker.”

Some neighbors described them as nice, respectable people.  An other said Littig would:

“fly into these crazy rages and scream like a crazed animal,” Ray said. “My wife would go down and Lynne would say, ‘I can’t stifle what he does.’ She’s say, ‘You don’t understand. He’s hurting’.”

Rosen counseled “Remember, positivity is precious…Try something spontaneous, sexually or otherwise.”