Priorities, Priorities: NSA Launches Probe into PRISM Leaker

The NSA has requested a criminal probe into who was the whistle blower leaked information about their massive surveillance operation known as PRISM. A “crimes report has been filed,” said Shawn Turner, a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

James Clapper, director of National Intelligence said in a statement “Over the last week we have seen reckless disclosures of intelligence community measures used to keep Americans safe.”  

Clapper also said that the surveillance efforts reported in the media were lawful and approved by Congress. There were “significant misimpressions” in the media reports, Clapper stated.

Parts of the PRISM program were recently declassified. Clapper said he declassified the information “in hope that it will help dispel some of the myths and add necessary context to what has been published” about government surveillance of Americans’ phone records and foreigners’ Internet use.

The “crimes report” will go to the Justice Department to decide whether an investigation should begin. 

I am going to take a guess on this and say that embarrassing intelligence leaks happen when the intelligence community is thrown under the bus for things like Benghazi. Just a hunch. 


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