Donor Caught On Tape Slipping Cash To Demonstrators Supporting CO Democrat Senator Facing Recall

Democrat State Senator Angela Giron is one of two Colorado legislators facing a recall effort in retaliation for her support of the draconian gun control measures passed by Democrats, earlier this year. 

Last week Kyle Clark of Denver’s 9News was asking viewers for tips on the identity of the mystery man seen passing out twenties to supporters of  Democratic Senator Angela Giron.

An unidentified man was caught on tape slipping money to Giron supporters holding signs in opposition to a recall effort by gun rights supporters.

The following video was recorded by the pro-recall group Pueblo Freedom and Rights and provided to 9NEWS. 

“I think it speaks for itself,”  Victor Head, president of Pueblo Freedom and Rights told 9News. “It looks like they’re paying people to protest us.”

The mystery man with the handful of cash has since been identified as a donor to the effort defending the Pueblo Democrat from the recall, 72-year-old Gerald Rosenblatt of Pueblo.

Rosenblatt admitted that he gave cash to Giron’s supporters, but insists his cash handout was spontaneous.

Last week, however, Giron’s anti-recall campaign told 9News that the senator didn’t even know the man who was seen in the video handing out cash to her sign-waving supporters (and speaking with the senator herself.) Her campaign manager suggested that the video was a setup perpetrated by Republicans.