End the Farce, Pull the Plug: Amendment Would Give Amnesty/Legal Status to Any Would-Be Immigrant Displaced by 'Climate Change'

Enough. Enough.

Senator Brian Schatz’s (D-HI) filed an amendment for the immigration bill Wednesday that would allow stateless people in the U.S. to seek conditional lawful status if their nations have been made uninhabitable by climate change.

Drought in Mexico?  Gee, we never have droughts in Mexico.  But now that we have had one, say hello to your 25 million new, specially-amnestied US citizens.


This is a political game, and a political game moreover from which half of America is being excluded from playing.

What’s going on is that Liberals are offering absurd amendments to be “traded away” in exchange for Conservatives dropping their non-absurd demands, such as for increased border security.

So the liberals will ultimately “trade” their idiotic amendments for our sensible ones on border security, and then our elected conmen will tell us we “got a good deal,” so we should take the Gang of 8 proposal as is. See? It was a straight-up, even-steven trade. Now we must pass this bill, Because, Compromise!

Enough. Enough.

via @lilmissrightie


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