Maybe Erdogan Can Ask Obama for Some Tips on Using State Power to Handle Reporters and Dissidents

In response to Reporters Loyal to Erdogan: The Massive Protests Against Our Repressive Islamist Government Were Engineered by Crafty Jews:

I’ve heard it said that Erdogan is the only world leader Barack Obama really clicks with on a personal level, now that Hugo Chavez is gone.  There are some definite similarities in their approaches.  Maybe the reporters who don’t get on board with the regime will find their computers mysteriously booting up in the middle of the night, like Sharyl Attkisson’s.  And Erdogan could certainly see to it that puppets of those “foreign provocateurs” get extra scrutiny from the bureaucracy.

Incidentally, one of the things that has Turkish protesters riled up Erdogan’s intervention in the Syrian civil war.  Turkey will be essential to Obama’s plans to get us into the quagmire and subsequent ethnic cleansing, which is one reason why the Obama Administration’s objections to Turkey’s crackdown on demonstrators have been so muted.