Rubio Image Drops 15pts this Year Among GOP Voters

Marco Rubio (R-FL) has seen his favorables drop over the course of the year, according to a new Rasmussen Report poll.  Fifty-eight percent of GOP voters have a favorable opinion of Rubio in these latest figures. Those numbers are “down 10 points since May and 15 points since February. Sixteen percent (16%) of GOP voters have an unfavorable opinion of him, while 25% are undecided.”  

The intensity of Rubio approval is down as well. Only one out of five GOP voters have a very favorable opinion of Rubio, previously it was 44% in Feb and 31% in May. That is a remarkable repudiation of Rubio.

Among ideological moderates, Rubio isn’t doing so hot either with only 31% viewing him favorably and paltry 8% having a very favorable image of the Florida Senator.

Senator Rubio has been in the spotlight as the GOP leader of the hotly contested immigration bill.  It looks like his visibility throughout the immigration battle has damaged his image within the party and hasn’t bought him any good will among ideological moderates.