Like Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio Flip Flops on Immigration

Like Charlie Crist, Senator Marco Rubio was against  amnesty for illegal immigrants, before he was for it. Before…

 Marco Rubio“No, no – never have been. In fact, I’m strongly against amnesty… So I am not and I will never support –  never have and never will support — any effort to grant blanket, legalization amnesty to folks who have entered or stayed in this country illegally.”Shark Tank video

 Charlie Crist– “It’s certainly worth a very good debate and research,” Crist said. “If there are people here that aren’t paying into the system, which everyone agrees there are, that’s in essence a form of fraud on the system.” Crist said he doesn’t support amnesty.”-(circa 1998)  

  Now… Charlie Crist-Talking to reporters afterward, he said he would support an immigration bill similar to the failed 2007 legislation that many Republicans opposed because it provided a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. President George W. Bush, eventual Republican presidential nominee John McCain and Martinez supported the measure.

  “I like Sen. Martinez’ and Sen. McCain’s approach,” Crist said. “I thought they had the right idea and maybe just a little more support up there would help it get it done.”-(May19, 2009-AP)

Marco Rubio– “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill (2013)


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