Benjamin Netanyahu's morning is not going well

Well, I guess he didn’t actually send these Tweets during local morning hours, but that’s when we’re seeing them.  The Israeli prime minister said the following at around 7:00 AM Eastern time, in a series of Twitter messages:

“The reality around us is changing at tremendous speed.  It is volatile and dynamic, and we must be prepared accordingly.  The will to win and the ability to break the opponent and instill in him a fear of death at the decisive moment – this is how battles are won.  No one will injure the state of Israel without a response, and the response shall be powerful and decisive.”

Netanyahu has been observing an Israeli military exercise in the Golan Heights, just two days after Israel’s Iron Dome system intercepted the latest round of murder rockets fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli population centers, prompting a response against Hamas weapons dumps by Israeli warplanes.  A recent round of polls shows the Israeli Arab population growing increasingly surly and hostile, with 59 percent of them supporting a new intifada if the “political stalemate” in the West Bank continues.

The Prime Minister made comments similar to his Tweets during his visit to the Golan Heights.  He also called battle “the kingdom of uncertainty,” which is a lovely turn of phrase.

While he was talking to a field commander in the Golani brigade, an officer reminded him the radio he was using might be monitored by hostile forces.  Netanyahu thundered, “Let them hear! They should know that we could go to any side.”  He’s a remarkable leader, and when he talks like this, I get nervous.