For Good Reason, Polygamists Thrilled With SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

Polygamists are happy with today’s Supreme Court rulings on same sex marriage, and have every right to be.

The only intellectual argument against polygamy used to be that marriage is THIS.

But with same-sex marriage sweeping the land, that argument is gone. Marriage is no longer THIS, it now something else.

Now that the line has been moved, we no longer have an argument against polygamy. All the arguments that won the day on the issue of same-sex marriage directly apply to the idea of polygamy: Why shouldn’t more than two consenting adults who wish to, not be allowed to get married?

You say: But three people shouldn’t be allowed to marry.

I say: You are discriminating against consenting adults.

You say: But this will lead to other forms of x, y and z marriage.

I say: Bigot, are you comparing consenting adults to x, y, and Z!?

You say: But marriage is a defined as a union between two people.

I say: But love is love is… love. And polygamy is actually more traditional than same-sex marriage.

You say: Polygamy will destroy the fabric of society.

I say: Why do you hate people different from you?

I am not comparing polygamy to same-sex marriage, and I am not even arguing against same-sex marriage. This is merely an intellectual exercise.

The media is now laughing at those who are arguing that legalizing polygamy is next. I remember this very same media laughing at those fifteen years ago who said same-sex marriage would be the next step after civil unions.

A door has been opened that cannot now be closed. My suggestion is that all 313 million Americans marry one another so we all get those sweet government benefits.

So let me ask my Convo colleagues now: Will you marry me?


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