Hollywood heads offshore to escape ObamaCare

In response to While Hollywood Payroll Folks Grouse About ‘Irksome’ ObamaCare Laws, Stars Sign Up To Promote It:

There was so much to love in that Hollywood Reporter article that it had me rolling in the aisles.  It was funnier than the last two “Hangover” movies.  Like you, I was struck by the incongruity of studio payroll departments freaking out over ObamaCare even as the big-name millionaire stars are being recruited to promote it.  Of course, those big stars aren’t going to stand in any long waiting lines, give up their preferred coverage, or wheel their aging parents before the death panels for judgment.  They’ve got the money to hire whatever medical help they need, and they can easily jet out of the country to get it, if necessary.

Another great tidbit in that article is the studios remarking that they might move more productions overseas to escape the ObamaCare mandate.  That’s right, film fans: Barack Obama’s good buddies are talking about offshoring to get away from his health care scheme.

Hollywood’s business end is almost like a caricature of the way liberals see every other business, but of course their beloved Tinseltown gets a pass, because its help in spreading the Left’s agenda throughout the culture is invaluable.  And where better to find greedy fat cats who live extravagant lifestyles while they rake in salaries wildly out of proportion to any contribution they’re making to society?  The Left’s indulgence of Hollywood is almost as a remarkable as they way they tolerate another predatory big business that exploits poor people, siphons big bucks out of the public treasury, and spends millions of lobbying dollars to buy itself virtual immunity from regulatory oversight: the abortion industry.