Crist comes out of political closet

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist continues his political evolution, as he continues to ponder a  possible run for governor in 2014. Charlie ‘Chameleon’ has gone from Republican to Independent, and now a “darn glad” Democrat. During an interview on Bay News 9′s  “Political Connections” television show, Crist said “you have to be true to yourself,” and that becoming a Democrat made him a more comfortable person, and comfortable politically.

 “When you’re in a Republican primary — especially 2010, which was kind of the zenith I think of a very hard right turn, if you will — I really felt like a round hole in a square peg. It was difficult for me,” Crist said in the interview airing Sunday at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

 “You have to be true to yourself. Going independent, and then finally a Democrat has made me a much more comfortable person, much more comfortable politically. In many ways it’s where I always should have been and I’m darn glad to be there now,” Crist said.

 Basically, what Crist just said was, he has been a phony throughout his political career, and finally decided to come out of his political closet.