Belief beyond question

In response to Wendy Davis Struggles When Asked a Single Tough Question:

I’m not surprised to hear Davis can’t answer questions.  For the true abortion zealot, belief is the answer to all questions.  They’re supposed to be holding all the trump cards.  No one has the standing to ask hard questions about the one and only absolute liberty in modern America: the freedom to abort a pregnancy.  (On the other hand, you’ve got to justify the exercise of piddly little liberties like religious conscience, because the almighty State thinks you might be faking it when you get the moral vapors over paying for other peoples’ contraceptives.)

And this little drama in Texas is not about women’s health; it’s about making sure the “right” people feel victorious, and the “wrong” people feel defeated.

It’s not surprising that the media has generally been able to obscure the real issues in that “sweeping” Texas abortion legislation.  Their readers barely know who Kermit Gosnell was, so there is no need to explain that the Texas bill implements sensible regulations in line with the post-Gosnell conclusions of other state authorities.

It’s amusing to watch Big Government liberals magically turn into anti-regulation freedom-of-industry crusaders when it comes to this one particular industry.  Maybe a reporter should ask Wendy Davis which other industries she thinks are over-regulated, or why we should only be concerned when abortion clinics are pulverized beneath the weight of government safety mandates.