And of Course There's Yet Another State Department Sex Scandal

In response to Three Computers Stolen From Dallas Law Firm Representing High-Profile State Department Whistleblower :

What the hell kind of Delta Tau Chi animal house was Hillary running at State

A State Department officer has been accused of selling visas for sex and money in what may have been a massive human trafficking operation, The Daily Caller has learned.The State Department acknowledged last week that one of its officials is the target of a probe over “allegations of improprieties relating to a Consular Officer formerly assigned to Georgetown, Guyana” without providing further details. Local media are also claiming the official, who was recently withdrawn from normal duties pending completion of an official investigation, associated with drug lords as part of his visa scam.The scandal began when executives and tourists complained that their visa applications were being held up, and local media began reporting that a visa official was demanding bribes and sex in exchange for visas.

Hillary Clinton isn’t responsible for the misbehavior of her staff. But she is responsible for her reaction to it. And her reaction has been, through her tour, to cover up these scandals, and bury them, in order to protect her image from any taint. But of course her image is tainted– rather than taking action against malefactors, she instead enabled them.

I suppose she’s had 50 years experience enabling the misbehavior of sex-crazed men and has decided “Why fix what’s still workin’?”