Senator Palin

I think Sarah Palin struck exactly the right note when Sean Hannity asked her about supporting a third party on Tuesday: “Well, it’s certainly not my first choice. The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln and Reagan and the planks in the platform are right for this country. I stand strong on those planks. I just wish more of our leadership and the movers and shakers in the party would stand strong on those planks with the rest of us, those of us who want to stop Barack Obama’s transformation of America….If they in the party abandon us, we have no other choice, but it’s not the first choice to go there.”

If she wants to move and shake the movers and shakers, getting back into elected office is the best way to do it.  There’s a difference between even the most prominent commentator, and a member of Congress.  Palin gave the most energetic “I’m thinking about it” answer she could give when Hannity asked her about running for the Senate.  She can’t just say “Yes, absolutely, count me in!” until her campaign is 100 percent ready to launch, especially since she knows what a hate fetish she is on the Left.  If Palin makes another run for office, she’s going to have an organization locked, loaded, and ready for pitched battle five seconds after she makes the announcement.

She’d have a stiff battle ahead of her if she wants to unseat Senator Mark Begich, and if she’s not totally committed to a run, she wouldn’t want to disrupt the preparations of anyone else who might be getting ready for one.  

I wish she would run.  She’d be great in the Senate.  Congress is not entirely devoid of her brand of energy at present – thanks in no small part to her efforts on behalf of other candidates – but it could always use more.  She fights the big battles, grounding her arguments in the basic principles America desperately needs to rediscover, so when she wins a legislative struggle, it will be the right kind of victory, something conservatives can build upon.  Her floor speeches would be epic.  The Republicans don’t have enough people who know how to capture mainstream media cameras.  Even the liberal opprobrium she draws would be useful – the inevitable tide of Democrat misogyny would go a long way toward clearing up their “War on Women” smokescreen, and she’s proven she can handle the venom with good cheer.

If Congress decides to actually respect the will of the American people for a change and repeal ObamaCare, it would be a very fitting conclusion to its misbegotten life to have Sarah Palin sitting on the death panel for the death panel.