The eco-propagandists are back to their old tricks

Green energy: the industry so marvelous that it can’t survive without gigantic taxpayer subsidies, government-mandated purchases, special legal breaks of the sort that give wind farm operators an unlimited license to shred bald eagles, and blatant lies peddled by well-funded propagandists.

On the latter subject, the guy who made the lie-filled agitprop disaster “Gasland” is back with another anti-fracking film, cleverly entitled “Gasland Part II.”  In the first movie, a long-standing local complaint about flammable chemicals in the water supply was repurposed into an attack on the new technology of hydraulic fracturing, resulting in a famous scene where tap water is lit on fire.  It had nothing to do with fracking, but the propagandists weren’t about to tell the audience that.  It’s not as if their argument can be made honestly to well-informed people, after all.

How do you top that?  In “Gasland Part II,” we go one step further to a full-blown staged hoax, in which a Texas environmentalist lights the water coming from his garden hose on fire.  “According to a Texas court, the scene was actually a hoax devised by a Texas environmental activist engaged in a prolonged battle with a local gas company to falsely inflate the supposed dangers of the oil and gas extraction technique, also known as fracking,” writes Lachlan Markay at the Washington Free Beacon.  

The hoax was accomplished by the simple process of attaching the garden hose to a gas vent, instead of a water line.  Maybe for “Gasland Part III,” they’ll hire Hollywood special effects guys to give us children melting like the Nazis at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” because they drank fracking-contaminated water.  Or they could have fracking turn people into flesh-eating zombies.