House GOP Seeks to Slash IRS Budget

House Republicans plan to cut the Internal Revenue Service budget after the agency targeted conservative groups in a clear abuse of authority.  “The House Appropriations Committee released a measure on Tuesday that would roll back the IRS budget by $3 billion — a cut of roughly a quarter — in direct response to the agency’s targeting of tax-exempt groups.”

But the House GOP doesn’t stop there, they include in the bill a measure that prohibits funding to implement the individual mandate in the new healthcare law.  Another proposal would allow the federal employees to be put on leave if they are under investigation for abuse. 

The public is feeling a growing sense of distrust of what this administration and what Washington is doing,” [House Majority Leader Eric]Cantor said. “And that’s why we in the House this month will be taking up a package of bills to stop this government abuse and put the American people first.

Some House Republicans are unsure the measure will gain traction in the Democrat controlled senate. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) was concerned the measure might be too harsh. “I would like to do away with the IRS, by having tax reform that doesn’t require them,” Hatch said. “But I’d be very concerned if that were the amount — that would be pretty steep under the circumstances, because they do have a very tough job.”


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