Huffington Post Poll Finds Strong Support for Abortion Ban at 20 Weeks

Huffington Post Poll Finds Strong Support for Abortion Ban at 20 Weeks

A new poll released Thursday by Huffington Post/You Gov found that most Americans would support banning abortion after 20 weeks. Texas is in the midst of passing a new law which would do exactly that. If successful it will become the 12th state to do so.

Among 1,000 adults surveyed, the poll found 59 percent would approve of restricting abortion at 20 weeks while 30 percent would not, a roughly 2:1 ratio. The poll was further broken down into those who strongly or somewhat favored or opposed such a law. It found 41 percent strongly in favor an 20 percent strongly opposed, another 2:1 ratio.

Asked if current laws were too strict or not strict enough, 43 percent said not enough and just 20 percent said too strict. Of the remaining respondents, 17 percent felt current laws were about right and the rest were not sure.

As with nearly every poll on this issue, this one also found that, despite believing abortion to be immoral (49 percent) most people say it should be between a woman and her doctor (63 percent). Americans are tolerant of things which they personally find distasteful. Nevertheless, they are also willing to draw a line where that tolerance ends. For the moment, a strong majority seem to believe 20 weeks is long enough for women and their doctors to make a decision.

The media gave gushing coverage to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis for her filibuster of SB5, a bill which includes a 20 week ban along with other regulations of abortion clinics. Given the results of this poll, the media should probably make an effort to better represent the majority position in this debate. Wendy Davis does not speak for most Americans.


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