Filner's Sorry. Very Sorry.

In response to Sources: Mayor Filner Grabbed Breasts, A$$, ‘Shoved Tongue Down Her Throat’:

I know you linked this, but this Filner Apology Video, released last week before today’s press conference, is a wonder to behold.

Not only does Filner not really apologize for any specific actions, not only does he excuse his own rapish behavior by talking about problems his generation has with sexually assaulting women, but in the end, he says that both he and his staff will be undergoing sexual-harassment training.

If I understand the allegations correctly — it was his staff which was being sexually harassed.  But they’ll have to attend the Sensitivity Seminars too, apparently to learn why it was wrong for Filner to proposition then, grab their breasts, and literally stick his tongue down their throats.

Bill Clinton just emailed me to say, “Wow, now that is brazen.”