Piers Morgan does not understand ass-whooping, either

In response to Zimmerman Failed to Understand the Cultural Context in Which He was Being ‘Whoop-Assed’:

The funny thing is that the dimwitted Piers Morgan thinks Jeantel’s performance was a stunning triumph that could have reversed the Zimmerman verdict, if only the jury had been lucky enough to witness it beforehand.  “If the Rachel Jeantel I interviewed last night had been like that on the stand, we may have had a different verdict. Defense fail,” he declared on Twitter.

(No, I don’t know why he said “defense fail.”  He probably doesn’t either.  He is an imbecile, after all.)

Sure, that makes sense.  The jury just needed to understand how some people deserve a beating, and should not over-react to a righteous but carefully controlled “ass whooping,” which almost certainly would have halted shy of death, even though Zimmerman has testified that Trayvon Martin explicitly told him he was going to die.  If you’re getting your ass whooped because you looked at certain culturally-approved people funny, you should just lie there and take it.  

Juries love arguments like that, especially during a trial focused heavily upon the thoughtcrime of “racial profiling.”  Apparently it’s okay for people from certified victim groups to profile the hell out of “white Hispanics” and administer culturally expressive beatdowns.

This is a defense of barbarian anarchy, not social justice or the rule of law.  People like Morgan are throwing gasoline on the racial fires by claiming such an argument probably would have swayed the jury, if only the prosecution had the wit to present it.  Thus is the growing mythology of the Crazy-Ass Cracker Who Got Away With Murder perpetuated, by nitwits who don’t care how many people are injured or killed, as long as they get big ratings.