Black "leaders" never tire of insulting black people

In response to Jesse Jackson Calls Florida an ‘Apartheid State’:

As a resident of Florida, I suppose I should take offense at this, but frankly taking Jesse Jackson seriously is like taking self-defense advice from Joe Biden.  If my state’s giving this tired old huckster a migraine, we must be doing something right.

It’s been remarkable to watch these desperate windbags drag out everything from the death of Emmett Till, to the long struggle against apartheid, in their frantic attempts to pump a little more venom into the Zimmerman aftermath and keep the hate alive.  Maybe your apartheid crack will be the magic fusion of ignorance and bile that finally gets someone killed, Jesse.  Remember “Lethal Weapon 2?”  Those good-for-nothing apartheid types make great bullet sponges for righteous action heroes.

Don’t the people who actually participated in the events these circus clowns are cheapening and demeaning, or hold those events as important items of sacred memory, ever take offense?  An angry kid with substance-abuse problems beats up a guy for making him nervous, gets shot in self-defense… and that makes him the same as Nelson Mandela?  Anyone who takes civil-rights history seriously has to throw a lot of self-respect and historical perspective overboard to sit through this crap without telling Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest of these losers to get bent.