Obama is jealous of his new dictatorial powers

King Barack I wants to make it perfectly clear that the unconstitutional power to rewrite laws that he seized when delaying the ObamaCare employer mandate is his, and his alone.  The House just passed a bill ratifying the delay of the employer mandate – you know, the way everyone except the alleged constitutional law scholar in the White House knows the United States government is supposed to work.  35 House Democrats joined the Republicans to vote yes.

And Obama threatened to veto the bill.

That’s right: he’s going to veto a bill that properly implements a decision he violated the Constitution to impose unilaterally.  Usually, we liberty-loving limited-government right-wing blogger types are the ones who warn about incipient dictatorship; now Obama’s using his veto pen to make it clear we have one.

The House bill was passed with a companion bill that also delays the individual mandate.  Obviously Obama can’t have that – he needs to shake young Americans down for money to prop up his disintegrating health care scheme, and he can’t afford any more official concessions that the whole thing is an unworkable disaster.  Also, he clearly finds individual freedom personally distasteful, especially when it comes to something complicated the Little People can’t be trusted to manage on their own, such as health care.

But the House passed the employer and individual mandate as two separate bills.  Obama could veto the individual mandate bill while signing the one that implements the employer-mandate delay he needs to keep the 2014 election from turning into a historic Democrat bloodbath that makes the Tea Party uprising of 2010 look like a paper cut.  He won’t, because he’s worried about his own political strength – the American people and their Constitution count for nothing against that.  He wants sole credit for lifting the heel of his ratty ObamaCare boot from the necks of businessmen, and he expects applause for it.

Maybe the House should have applied the full Alinsky treatment by passing bills that delayed the individual mandate, but insist Obama obey the law and impose the employer mandate on schedule.  Watching him threaten to veto both of those bills would be entertaining.  

Or maybe we could dispense with the political entertainment, and remind Barack Obama that he will implement the employer mandate on schedule, as specified by duly ratified law, or be removed from office.  Could any political novelist write a more fitting ending for this disastrous presidency than Obama leaving the White House in disgrace because he refused to enforce his own law?