Saturation Media Coverage for Justice for Trayvon Rallies Today

In case you haven’t heard, there are about 100 “Justice for Trayvon” rallies being held all across the nation, today. I say that with a hint of sarcasm because news about the rallies is hard to miss. Virtually every major news outlet in the country is reporting on the rallies, as you can see from a basic google search I discovered page after page after page of stories about the upcoming rallies while doing a search for news about the ongoing rallies. 

I found that interesting because I’ve been to rallies that have gotten virtually 0 coverage from the mainstream media. 

Remember the “Stand Up For Religious Freedom” rallies of 2012? You could be forgiven if you don’t remember them because the people who promoted them and  covered them were largely religious/conservative news outlets or the participants themselves. 

No page after page after page of fawning MSM coverage for the Stand-up for Religious Freedom rallies.

SUFRF rallies were held at 12:00 pm in 145 cities across the nation on October 20, 2012  to protest the unjust HHS contraception mandate and other attacks on religious freedom coming from the federal government. Two other Stand Up Rallies were held on March 23 and June 8 2012.

*Crickets* from the MSM. 

You see, 2012 was an election year, and these rallies were not at all conducive to their chosen one’s reelection campaign.

You know what else is not conducive to their chosen one? The truth about George Zimmerman’s background as a civil rights activist in Sanford FL.

That’s why you are unlikely to see much in the news about Zimmerman leading the fight for justice in the case involving a police lieutenant’s son who sucker punched a black homeless man  outside a bar in December of 2010. Even the activists who protested at his side in that case, were willing to throw him under the bus to further their race-baiting narrative.