Filthy Filner Accuser Comes Forward: Mayor Asked Me to Work with No Panties On

Filthy Filner Accuser Comes Forward: Mayor Asked Me to Work with No Panties On

At a press conference in San Diego today, Gloria Allred and her client revealed details about the lawsuit they filed in San Diego alleging sexual harassment by the Mayor Bob “Filthy” Filner.

Irene McCormick, former communications director for city operations, described the harassment she suffered while working with the Mayor.  McCormick told how Filner requested she work without her panties on and said her he wanted to “consummate” their relationship. She described being placed in the “Filner headlock” and “dragged around like a ragdoll.”  The Mayor would tell her he was infatuated with her. 

Prior to joining the Filthy Filner administration, McCormick was the Vice President of Public Policy at the San Diego Port Authority for 9 years. She said she took a $50K pay cut to work for the Mayor and was excited and “proud to be part of a progressive administration.”  

McCormick also witnessed other women being harassed and told how Filner “laughed off” concerns about his behavior.  She left her job in June when she felt it was clear that Filner would not change. She described her work environment as a place where “women were treated like sexual objects and like stupid idiots.”

On one occasion, McCormick tried to get Filthy Filner to leave her office, but he responded “he was the Mayor and he could be where ever he wanted, whenever he wanted.”  She said Filner was not fit to be Mayor and not fit to hold public office. 

Gloria Allred asked “What help do you think you need in order to stop treating women like pieces of meat?” referring to Filner’s admission that he “needed help.”  Allred also called on Filner to resign.

Allred did not cite a specified amount of damages in the lawsuit but is unclear how much the suit will cost the taxpayers of San Diego.  A recall is estimated to cost anywhere between $1M-$2M. 


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