Hey Pelosi, What Do You Think of My Suggestions?

It looks like Nancy Pelosi will be rolling out an economic agenda for women. I thought I’d be a friend and help her out with some suggestions.

1) Repeal ObamaCare. Female business owners around the country would be eternally grateful (as would young females who don’t want to be told they have to have health insurance or pay a fine, and those of us who don’t want overstuffed bureaucracy getting between us and our doctors). Also, we like the idea of keeping our doctors. (As it turns out, Nancy, the bill you passed in order to find out what was in it might not let us do that.)

2) Protect babies from abortion. Those unborn babies, many of them female, deserve the chance to become great artists, talented musicians, company CEOs, or president of the United States, right?

3) Keep those taxes low. We hard-working ladies like to keep our hard-earned cash. Some of us are saving for an apartment, others for a kid’s college fund. (Those low taxes go for businesses too. High-powered female CEOs hire people like me, and we wouldn’t want a big tax burden to discourage them.)

4) Get rid of that overregulation. We women like to hold on to our jobs, so let’s keep businesses wanting to be in our neighborhoods. Otherwise we’ll have to move (from places like California, but I digress).

5) School choice. Let’s give young girls a chance to succeed at the best school they can find. Let’s give moms and dads options. Let’s help kids in poor neighborhoods have choices, just as those with greater financial means do. (And while we’re at it, let’s incentivize good teachers–many of them women–with merit pay.)

6) Talk real female empowerment. Let’s be honest, the Julia campaign was a condescending mess. Women are strong and capable. We don’t need cradle-to-grave government care. What we need is opportunity. So let’s talk more founding-feminist principles (personal responsibility, ambition, self-sufficiency) and less big-government distortions of those principles. Because to assume we’re powerless is pretty insulting.

So, there you have it. That wasn’t so hard, right?

P.S.–Nancy, some people love to divide the country up into special interest groups–women, Hispanics, African Americans, men, you name it. As it turns out, those people are just looking for votes. (Sad, right?) The good news? All of my suggestions above would benefit people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Good policy is good policy; it doesn’t divide, it unites.

So let’s call it an economic agenda for all, not an economic agenda for women. Because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together. At least from where I’m standing.

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