Stand By Your Man–Unless He Does THAT

I tried my best, but a mini rant just couldn’t be avoided.

Yes, I’m tired of the Bill Clintons and Anthony Weiners of the world. Truly, genuinely, wholeheartedly. I’m tired of them in politics and I’m tired of them in regular, everyday life.

But I’m more tired of the women who stand by those men. Repeated deception, infidelity, public humiliation…what does it take to say “No thanks, I’m done, explain yourself to the rest of the country without me”?

Yes, I agree with my friend Monica Crowley:

In the Hillary Clinton model, the wife chooses to support the straying husband while wearing a distressed and presumably pained expression in public. She stays in the marriage as a way to serve both her personal ambition as well as their shared ambition to achieve ever-greater positions of power and influence. 

But it still bugs me.

Yes, I realize that it’s up to those women to decide how to proceed with their husbands. That’s their choice.

But I have to admit that regardless of motives, I detest seeing supposedly strong, independent women repeatedly stand by high-profile men who don’t deserve it. Honestly, what happened to self-respect? What happened to strong women standing up for themselves and setting an example for young women out there by saying “Enough is enough”?

Demand respect.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Hold deceit accountable.

Perhaps my 99-year-old grandma said it best today: “If you tolerate garbage, don’t be surprised if the wrong man or woman treats you like a dump.” (She’s an Italian from Brooklyn, so I had to edit out a few choice words. But you get her drift.)

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