Kristen Chenowith's 'Wicked'-ly Hilarious Weiner Parody

Kristen Chenowith's 'Wicked'-ly Hilarious Weiner Parody

Actress Kristen Chenowith was the original Glinda in the Broadway smash hit “Wicked” by Stephen Schwartz. She appeared on The Tonight Show to perform a parody of the song “Popular” with new lyrics aimed directly at New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. 


“You will be popular,

the right kind of popular.

I’ll teach you to zip your fly,

you won’t be that guy,

with a camera down his pants.

I’ll teach you what tweets to tweet,

something clean and sweet.

We’ll make sure you get your chance to be popular…

If you want to be mayor, stop acting like a big ol’ whore.”

Chenowith was raised in Oklahoma and is a self-described Christian. She has identified herself as “conservative in some ways,” and even though she had a mis-guided relationship with Aaron Sorkin, she’s still one of my favorite Broadway divas.


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