McCain Hates on "Wacko Birds" Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee

Mr. Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants himself, Senator John McCain, recently interviewed with the liberal New Republic, where he reiterated his disdain for the new crop of “wacko bird” conservative U.S. Senators, by referring to them as isolationists.  

   QDo you think this wing has changed the comity in the Senate? There were the attacks on Hagel. Do these things concern you?

 McCain: Oh yeah. It’s of concern. But it’s important for me to be respectful. After I called them wacko birds, I apologized. I try and be respectful but also go out there and debate them every chance I get. Small example: For four years, Harry Reid–and I beat him up regularly–wouldn’t bring a budget to the Senate. This year, we brought one, stayed up all night.

We were so proud, we passed a budget resolution–most of it nonsense–but guess what? Now we have the same group who are blocking going to conference. The same group sometimes doesn’t want to take up a bill and at other times blocks a bill because they can’t get all the amendments they want.

McCain loves Rubio for backing his illegal immigration play, but just a few months ago, he bashed Rubio as being one of those isolationist ‘Wacko Birds.’

We brought a budget to this floor, we spent many, many hours on all kinds of amendments. Now we can’t go to conference unless we agree not to raise the debt limit. Does my colleague from Florida believe that the House of Representatives, dominated by Republicans, are going to raise the debt limit?  

Does my colleague from Florida believe that any conferees that are appointed, we have to place certain restrictions on those conferees that would apply to the other body as well? I don’t think so, I don’t think that’s the way that this body is suppose to function.  

“We are in a gridlock, here we are four years with a budget, we finally get a budget, we stay up all night, and because somebody doesn’t want to raise the debt limit, we are not going to go to conference. That’s not how this body should function. The American people deserve better, they deserve a budget.  Every family in the world has to live on a budget, and here we are objecting because there is a concern about raising the debt limit.”Sen. John McCain 


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