Reagan Created More Jobs in Single Month Than Obama Has All Year

In 1983, as President Ronald Reagan’s economic policies took hold, the American recovery started to roar back to life. This was thanks to Reagan’s across-the-board tax cuts and an overall philosophy of getting government out of the way of American ingenuity. The result was that the entire dynamic of an economy that had been in a malaise for nearly a decade completely turned around.

In one month, September of 1983, the Reagan Recovery  created 1,114 MILLION jobs.

This was no fluke, either. The next 15 months saw amazing job growth (in thousands): 271, 352, 356, 447, 479, 275, 363, 308, 379, 312, 241, 311, 286, 349, 127.

By contrast, President Obama attacked his inherited recession in the exact opposite way Reagan did. Obama passed onerous regulations, including Dodd-Frank and ObamaCare. Worse, his class warfare rhetoric demanding higher taxes and even more regulation, has never ceased. The uncertainty he creates in the labor market in unprecedented.

Despite the media’s spin, the results have been disastrous for the American people. Thus far, all year, the Obama Recovery has created fewer jobs than Raegan’s recovery created in that single month.

Over 7 full months in 2013, only 953,000 jobs have been created.(77% of those part-time)

What the media won’t tell you as they say things like, “Well, we are growing, just not fast enough,” is that it did not have to be like this.