The Court Reporters (Or, As I Call It, All The President's Courtiers)

This Matthew Continetti piece captures the spirit of the latter-days reign of The Sun President, Obama I, and really just must be read by anyone interested in the very connected ideas of the Media Palace Guard and the rise of the New Class.


I have little to add to it, except some helpful illustrations.


Meanwhile, the non-partisan National Journal is proud to announce its new hires, the best of the best of young political reporters. They represent the full spectrum of the American experience and the vibrant diversity of American political thought, including a writer from the tediously liberal New Republic, a writer from the bizarre clownshow-left Salon, and, of course, a former press secretary for a Democratic Congressman.

Not everyone is fit to appear in the Court of the King. One must first demonstrated one’s Quality and Courtly Mein in the palaces of the lesser dukes and marquises.