#14: New Filner Accuser Was Put in Filner Headlock, Sleeper Hold

A new Filner accuser has come forward today, a veteran city employee of 32 years known only as “Stacy.” 

Stacy explained that she was at a public event, when her two of her staffers, who were UNIFORMED LAW ENFORCEMENT, told her the mayor had arrived at the event. She introduced herself to Filner and he returned to her and asked her out on date. 

“Let me ask you something, can you ever go out to lunch with you boss,” Stacy recalled.

After asking her for a business card, Stacy claims he grabbed forcefully her by the wrist and clarified he was not asking her out on a business lunch.

Stacy said he told her, “I’m not asking you out on a business lunch, I’m asking you out on a date. When I see a beautiful woman, I always have to go over and talk to her.”

Stacy said she didn’t remember how their interaction ended, but she “remembered thinking that she had to get away from him.”

She returned to her staffers, the UNIFORMED OFFICERS, who were shocked to learn of Filner’s behavior. 

As Stacy was talking with her staff, she described to San Diego News 6: “the Mayor walked up behind her and put his right arm around her neck and tighten the hold with his left arm, effectively creating a sleeper hold. She said the mayor asked her staff if he should make Stacy ‘Employee of the Day,’ and them he like to get close to his staff. Stacy told the station the mayor then looked at her and said she was turning red. She said at that point the mayor laughed and walked away.”

Filner followed up with Stacy for a date but she refused to answer her phone. Stacy said she has filed a complaint with the city. 


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