Liberal Activists Badger Rep. Steve Southerland (R) During Town Hall Meeting

During Republican
Steve Southerland’s most recent town hall meeting in Tallahassee, Florida,
liberal Democrats supporting Gwen Graham, stayed  true to ideology by orchestrating a tasteless
ambush of Southerland, which disrespected him, other town hall attendees, not
to mention embarrassing themselves.

used that as a chance to spur a debate. One member of the audience questioned
whether Southerland’s support for strengthening security along the Mexican
border meant he would not support an immigration reform bill moving through the
U.S. Senate.”- Tallahassee Democrat

The liberal
Democratic M.O. is to disrupt and badger politicians, not let them speak, or
interrupt the answer of any and all questions asked of them. This was the case with
Southerland, as Southerland attempted to answer an immigration reform question,
local activist Barbara DeVane, followed up the question by shouting “Answer
the question, yes or no.” DeVane adding “He’s not answering the question.”

responded by saying that the “House version of the immigration bill was
still in judiciary committee and said he had not yet read it.” Southerland
added,” Look, I am not going to vote on a bill that I have not read,” a
response that rattled the activists.

in character, DeVane resorted to using profanity to describe another
immigration reform answer Southerland gave, prompting a police officer to have
words with her.


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