In Defense Of 'Filthy Filner', Woman Claims She Hasn't Received 'Sloppy Kisses' Herself (Video)

81% of San Diegans want their embattled, scandal-plagued Mayor to step down, and reportedly, he is in talks with Democrats to find a graceful exit strategy (as graceful an exit strategy as a serial molester who even hit on a great granny can muster, anyway.)

But believe it or not, “Filthy Filner” still does have some hardcore progressive support. “Standing with Mayor Filner and Due Process” rally was held at the City Hall in San Diego Monday at noon.

One woman explained her defense of Filner by saying that she herself had not been sexually harassed (yet): “I have not been the recipient of sloppy kisses,” she proclaimed, “and I have met Mr. Filner on many occasions.” 

Here’s “the one who got away”, via Weasel Zippers: