The Heritage Foundation Debunks Myths About Defunding ObamaCare (Video)

Almost all Conservatives agree that Obamacare is a disaster and must be repealed. Our difference is a matter of tactics –  we are divided on the best way to kill the beast. I was on the fence, myself, until Ann Coulter convinced me that defunding Obamacare would not hurt Republicans like the government shut-down did during the nineties.

“This time we have Ted Cruz and Mike Lee leading the fight; last time it was Newt Gingrich. That ended up not being as helpful as it turned out,” she said.
“Point two, every time Republicans have either threatened to shut down the government, or shut down the government, it’s been over the budget generally” and no one cares. “Obamacare is different,” she said, remarking that even the Teamsters are against it and may end up campaigning with Cruz to defeat it.
Her third point was that “It’s very, very important to get Democrats on the record, in another vote, right now” on Obamacare for the 2014 election, noting that it was originally “passed in a sleazy way with 100 percent Democrat votes” and none from the GOP.
“Get them on the record,” she insisted, after noting that a lot of Democrats were up for re-election.

Today,  our friends at The Heritage Foundation  released a video debunking what they believe are the two biggest myths about defunding ObamaCare.

Myth #1: Congress cannot defund Obamacare.
Congress defunds mandatory spending on appropriations bills every year. In fact, it has even defunded part of Obamacare already–billions of dollars in “mandatory spending” for the co-op program.
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Myth #2: Obamacare opponents are trying to shut down the government.

This isn’t true, either.

As Heritage health care expert Chris Jacobs says in the video above, “Conservatives want to keep the federal government open–we just want to shut down Obamacare.”


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