About That ObamaCare…

Well, well, well. According to Gallup, it looks like Americans still don’t like ObamaCare. (Shocking, I know.)

Less than two months before the health insurance exchanges open nationwide, more Americans disapprove (49%) than approve (41%) of the Affordable Care Act. An additional 11% have no opinion.

And there’s more:

Additionally, more Americans are pessimistic than optimistic about the future impact of the law. Less than a quarter believe it will make their family’s healthcare situation better, while 38% say it will make it worse. When asked about the law’s impact on the healthcare situation in the U.S., 35% say it will make the situation better, while 44% say it will make it worse. Americans’ views are essentially the same as they were in June.

What I find fascinating is that this administration has been stunningly bad at messaging/public relations when it comes to this law. Barack Obama managed to sell his campaign promises effectively twice and can’t sell the legislation he may one day be remembered for most.

Granted, he has some obstacles. Like the fact that the law is an overstuffed bureaucratic mess. Or the fact that Americans generally don’t like mandates. Or the fact that every day we wake up, it seems like a new component of the law is delayed to keep the whole thing from crumbling.

But regardless, the administration’s marketing ineptitude on this one is a bit stunning. If they could sell “Forward” after pushing policies that ballooned the national debt and yielded an incoherent foreign policy, I have to admit that I thought they might be able to sell ObamaCare too.

Looks like the campaign is finally over, President Obama.

P.S.–GOP, if you can’t manage to win the public relations battle on a government shutdown by funding everything but a law that the American majority doesn’t like, you might need more help than you think.

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