Holder sues Texas to stop voter ID law

The most corrupt Attorney General in American history is now a full partner in Operation Turn Texas Blue.

Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder officially sued Texas to stop the state from asking voters to show ID at the polls, accusing the Texas legislature of intentionally trying to discriminate against minorities.

In June, the Supreme Court ruled to overturn the civil rights-era Voting Rights Act‘s requirement that mainly Southern states must undergo special scrutiny before changing their voting laws, saying the it was no longer relevant to changing racial circumstances.

In a statement announcing the lawsuit, Holder said, “We will not allow the Supreme Court’s recent decision to be interpreted as open season for states to pursue measures that suppress voting rights.” 

Who in their right mind seriously buys the argument that asking for an I.D. is voter suppression?

Also – why is Eric Holder still our Attorney General? 

Why has the man who provided false testimony under oath to congress on numerous occasions, presided over the Fast and Furious debacle, dismissed the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, corrupted the voter rolls, staffed the DOJ with lawyers from the “al Qaeda Bar”, radicalized the DOJ’s career attorney ranks, engaged in open borders radicalism, aggressively attacked religious liberties, and habitually ignored Supreme Court precedent and the Constitution, not been impeached?