Al Gore: Category 5 Climate Liar; WaPo's Klein Doesn't Correct Misleading Item

Al Gore was recently admonished on at least two counts by Gretchen Goldman, an analyst in the Scientific Integrity Initiative at the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Center for Science and Democracy. 

Gore falsely asserted, “The extreme (weather) events are more extreme. The hurricane scale used to be 1-5 and now they’re adding a 6.” Wrote Goldman, “There are no plans by the National Hurricane Center — the federal office responsible for categorizing storms — to create a new category.” She also called him out for other misleading hyperbole on the subject.

Goldman also says the link between hurricane intensity and climate change isn’t as crystal clear as Gore makes it seem.

Yet, not only was the Washington Post all too happy to publish the false statements, days later a review of the misleading item shows there’s been no update, or correction at all

Is that a “Wonkblog,” or wanker-blog, Ezra? And they wonder why Bezos payed so relatively little for the Post

Lastly, it’s also worth noting that when the Washington Post‘s former ombudsman Patrick Pexton recently advised new WaPo owner Jeff Bezos to Fire Jennifer Rubin;’  he didn’t express any concern over the Post’s Ezra Klein, who seems willing to push anything a fellow Progressive claims and doesn’t even feel compelled to correct the record … even after being caught doing it.


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