How The Racialist Narrative Messes With Peoples’ Heads

In response to The hate-crimes narrative:

 Yes, most people know that certain black neighborhoods are undesirable places to be walking around at night. They know it’s because blacks commit more crimes. No one knows it better than the blacks who live in those neighborhoods, or white liberals like Chris Mathews who wouldn’t dream of being within five miles of one. I can’t speak for lo-fos. Those people don’t even know who the Vice President is.

But when an incident like the Trayvon Martin killing happens, what we see is a whirlwind of political activity  – the race hustlers move in with their bull-horns, the media runs with their racialist narrative, and white liberals, steeped in white guilt, try to outdo each other proving how morally outraged they are about the incident. And the rest of us left in the dust, saying whaaaa?

A sort of mass hysteria ensues. It takes a sort of hysterical blindness not to see the evidence that race wasn’t a factor in the killing and that Zimmerman killed in self defense. What people hear is the racial grievance narrative – the white (Hispanic) guy, motivated by racial animus, hunting down the defenseless black child like a dog and executing him when he tried to fight back.

That’s how an unfortunate, but relatively rare event –  a (white) Hispanic shooting a black teenager – becomes a huge cause celebre.

Suddenly, what (most) everyone knows is a real problem – black on white crime –  is flipped in peoples’ minds and presto-chango- the real problem becomes white on black crime. 

I would diagnose the phenomena as temporary insanity –  except in the case of most libs – it’s not so temporary.

In any event – I think the only way to push back the insanity is with the truth – and if it takes some “tit for tat” highlighting of black on white crime (yes yes, with thoughtful analysis) to poke holes in their delusional bubble then that’s what many of us will do.

If conservatives hadn’t latched on to the Chris Lane murder in Oklahoma, there would be no pressure on the president to comment on it, and the Governor of Oklahoma wouldn’t have told Chris Wallace that it would be a “nice gesture” for him to do so. 


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