DHS Knew About Racist Employee's Activities Since 2010

DHS Knew About Racist Employee's Activities Since 2010

Irritated Genie released a new audio clip Tuesday in which he claims that his supervisors were aware of his outside activities since December 2010. According to Genie, whose real name is Ayo Kimathi, his employers found out about his beliefs when his real name was outed on a podcast. Kimathi was encouraged to stick it out by someone who said the government wouldn’t act. It seems this person was right as no action was taken against Kimathi until recently when someone he works with went to the media with the story.

Kimathi: So he moved on and he did the program and he started doing the program telling people go ahead here’s where he works. Here’s his address. It was way past what I thought it would be. I thought he would just ask the question. He gave my full name, put my name, my real name attaching it to Irritated Genie. Cause see the two was not attached nowhere so if you go on the internet and put one in they don’t hit each other. This is the first time that the two hit each other and he put it out on the internet, told people to call my supervisors, blah, blah, blah.

So when that happened, man, it wasn’t but a couple of weeks later I got a few phone calls from people that need let me know what I needed to know. And some people in person and they basically said ‘Yeah, you know they looking at you, right.’ I was like ‘Dag!’ So I knew where it came from and everything. I was like ‘Okay.’ You know a brother was trying to figure out what he was going to do.

And I’ll never forget it was an elder. I won’t say who it was but when I told him what happened and said yeah, they gonna get rid of me soon. He says ‘Son, you ain’t been doing this long, have you?’ And I was like ‘What you talkin’ about?’ He said ‘They not getting rid of you, son.’ He said ‘This the US government. They watch people that they think could be issues, son…They gonna watch you.’…He said ‘You might as well stay because it doesn’t matter what you do they gonna be watching you.’

The podcast in which Kimathi’s real name was outed is posted here. You can see from the URl that this is podcast number 262. According to the show’s website, that podcast was posted Dec. 4, 2010. That means Kimathi’s supervisors knew about his ideology for nearly 3 years and took no action.

Later in the podcast, Kimathi claims that an “evil doing negro” finally outed him. He says “Basically, they went to the press.”

Kimathi has been put on paid leave from his job.


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